In our opinion, CLOGS are one of the best choices of footwear for people who spend extended hours on their feet or simply like the health and comfort benefits that clogs provide.  We are very selective when we choose what CLOGS to carry for your needs.  The bottom has to have a good rolling motion so that you can relax your 26 bones, 33 joints, and 38 muscles in each foot, making you walk with your ankles and lower leg muscles and thereby relaxing the feet.  We believe this will strengthen your ankles and lower leg muscles and increase blood circulation in your lower legs.  Did you know that your feet and ankles have a 1/4 of all the bones in your body?  

In CLOGS you will find that you will feel comfortable being elevated a couple of inches off the ground.  The therapeutically formed wooden base allows you to stand upright and re-aligns your body.  You can never demolish wood to any bad standing or walking patterns, benefiting your feet, knees, and lower back.
The full benefit of CLOGS can only be accomplished if the top fits your foot properly.  We feel that when it does, you can walk all day without gripping with your toes to keep the CLOGS on, making this a very therapeutically correct and comfortable shoe.

The best way to break in a pair of CLOGS is to wear them only an hour or two a day for the first week or so.  If you are not used to walking in CLOGS the leather may catch you across the instep, until broken in.  You might also feel some muscle fatigue in your lower legs.

As CLOGS are made of wood having a natural grain, it is possible they could chip if being knocked into concrete, stairs, or furniture.  Also, remember you can touch up the black base of your clogs with a black wax shoe polish dauber to keep them looking like new.

You can wash your clogs!   To avoid odor build up, wash out the inside (leather and wood) with dish-washing liquid and a green scrubbing pad, stand them on their heels until completely dry (12 TO 15 hours), and your CLOGS will be as good as new. (Never put them on damp).

Your clogs won't last forever, but they will last a long time.   Some people re-order every couple of years, others every 5-10 years, and still others wait 15-20 years.  We don't recommend you wear them more than 20 years.   

Your clogs can be resoled if you have not worn them down to the wood.   We suggest a rubber sole that is a medium hard, non-slip rubber. The wooden base should never be shaved or re-shaped.   

We don't do repairs at Clogmaster, so try to find a good shoe repair person in your area. 


Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, Cecilia arrived in America in 1976 planning to sell Clogs wholesale and share her vast knowledge of clogs. Clogs had been worn for decades in kitchens and hospitals throughout Europe and Scandinavia.  She was told that Americans were not interested in a shoe designed for comfort and built to last, the focus was fashion not fit and form.  Fortunately, she did not listen and Clogmaster has been selling high quality professional shoes for over 35 years. 
For years Doctor’s sent their patients to Cecilia at her store on La Cienga Blvd. knowing she would properly fit their patients and they would find help for their foot, ankle, knee and hip problems with a rigid sole, rocker bottom clog.  After leaving Los Angeles in 2008, Cecilia continued to take care of her many clients with annual trips to Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Chicago.  Cecilia has been featured in numerous publications, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Observer Magazine, and KPCC Radio with Madeline Brand.  Nearly militant in her passion about properly fitted shoes, she was quick to let customers know her thoughts on their current non-Clogmaster footwear, such as: “Don’t wear shoes you can wring like a rag.” “Wearing flip flops is like doing high impact aerobics without a bra.”

 Cecilia believes properly fitted footwear is a lost art.   Cheap, bad-fitting shoes can throw out your back and hurt your knees, and hips.  What you put on your feet shouldn't be a problem, they should be the answer to the problem.  Her passion and dedication to finding your right fit continues today with Stacey Sanchez and Dave Welling; the new owners of ClogMaster. Cecilia passed on her sizing secrets, and the  sizing history of all her past fitted customers.  They moved the business back to Southern California at the end of 2015 .  They plan to continue with annual trips to New York and San Francisco, and will be traveling to various sites in Southern California in their mobile retail truck.  Stacey & Dave are very excited to carry-on the tradition of providing professional shoes, properly fitted.   Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and on subscribe to our newsletter.