Get your fit!

​​We provide custom designed and properly fitted Professional shoes for people who stand on their feet all day.  They are hand crafted in the United States using your Clogmaster custom size.  We fit the hard to fit.  The rocker bottom on our traditional wood sole clogs has a good rolling motion that relaxes the bones, joints and muscles in your feet and makes you walk with your ankles and lower leg muscles.  We believe this will strengthen your ankles and lower leg muscles, and increase blood circulation in your lower legs.

"I wore the new clogs for the first time today.  They fit perfectly.  Thanks so much for all your effort." Ted Hollis  


Fitted customer? 

We have your size history on file, give us a call or email your order at any time.

"ClogMaster saved my feet from constant cramps and fatigue. THANK YOU!!."   Ilka Erren Pardiñas 



"Stacey & Dave, Thank you so much for your kindness! I hope to order many clogs from you for years to come."     Melissa Sasnowk   3-10-16